Hood and Wheel Pitcher
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Ball Diameter +/-
Ball Mass +/-
Ball MOI RatioRatio of MOI to mass times radius squared.
2/5 for a solid sphere, 2/3 for a hollow sphere, 1/2 for a solid cylinder, 1 for a hollow cylinder.
+/- [-]
Ball StiffnessStiffness of the ball. This should be evaluated as a shock condition and near the amount of compression in the case of nonlinear balls (which, practically any ball will be) +/-
Wheel Diameter +/-
Wheel MOI +/-
Hood Gap +/-
Hood StartAngle that the hood starts at, with respect to vertical.
A larger value would mean the hood wraps around more.
Hood EndAngle that the hood ends at, with respect to vertical.
This would be the same as the release/departure angle with respect to the horizontal.
A larger value would mean that the hood wraps around less, and creates a more vertical shot.
COF Wheel +/- [-]
COF Hood +/- [-]
Flywheel Target Velocity +/- [-]
# MotorsHow many motors do you have in total for this mechanism (assuming they're identical, and geared together)
EfficiencyEfficiency of the transmission
ResistanceResistance value.
You could find this empirically using this tool by guessing values until the idle current matches your shooter.
Raw Motor Adjusted
Free SpeedThe maximum RPM of the motor [RPM]
Stall TorqueThe maximum torque of the motor, occurring at 0 RPM [N-m]
Free CurrentThe current drawn when the motor is unloaded [A]
Stall CurrentThe current drawn at 0 RPM / Max Torque [A]
Gear RatioThe overall gear ratio. Larger than 1 is a reduction, smaller is a RPM increase. Empty cells are assumed to be 1. You can either blank out all the cells, and plug in a number in the top right one, or build a ratio by typing in the number of teeth on each gear (or belts/sprockets) starting from the motor.
Exit Velocity +/-
Exit Angle +/-
Exit Ball Spin +/-
Exit Flywheel RPM +/-
Time to Recover [s]
Current to Recover [A-s]
Time to Revved [s]
Current to Rev [A-s]
Idle Current [A]
Launch Simulation
Position [] Ball Velocity [] Ball Spin [] / Flywheel Speed []
Spin-Up Simulation
Time [s] Current Draw [A] Flywheel Speed [RPM]