General Mechanism Calc
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# MotorsHow many motors do you have in total for this mechanism (assuming they're identical, and geared together)
EfficiencyEfficiency of the transmission Speed LossMagical "Speed Loss Constant" from the JVN-calcs. Doesn't impact simulation, only used to compute "JVN adjusted speed".
Gear RatioThe overall gear ratio. Larger than 1 is a reduction, smaller is a RPM increase. Empty cells are assumed to be 1. You can either blank out all the cells, and plug in a number in the top right one, or build a ratio by typing in the number of teeth on each gear (or belts/sprockets) starting from the motor.
Encoder(Optional) Where is the encoder placed - on (or in) the motor, or on the output shaft?
Radius Radius of the output.
If this is an arm, input the length of the arm.
If this is an elevator, input the radius of the spool.
If this is a drivetrain, input the radius of the wheel.
Mass[Equivalent] Mass.
If you're running a linear device, just put its mass in here.
If you are analyzing a rotational device, put the moment of inertia, divided by the radius squared here.
Load(Optional) Load.
Override dt=(Optional) Timestep override. Default is to auto-time-step. This doesn't work well for mechanisms that are extremely quick. [s]
End Condition(Optional) End condition. Must be an expression that logically evaluates.
You can use any javascript operators/comparators (+,-,*,/,>,<,Math.sin(...),...).
You can use any variables described in the pullout below.
Basic Calculations
JVN Adjusted SpeedAdjusted speed; computed like in the JVN calc.
No LoadSpeed without any load on the system.
Equivalent to the JVN calc.
RunningSpeed and current while running at steady-state, ASSUMING THAT ALL TRANSIENT VARIABLES (v,x,omega,theta) ARE ZERO.
Equivalent to the JVN calc.
StallForce produced while at stall (ignoring external load/mass)
Equivalent to the JVN calc.
Traction Limit [A]
Simulation Results
Time To EndWhen simulation terminated if the end condition was met. If not, it will tell you the end condition was unmet. Auto-time-stepping may cause runs with high initial accelerations to have very short runtimes. [s]
Current UsedTotal electrical consumption in the simulation period [A-s]
Time [s] Position [] Velocity [] / Current [A] Force [] /