Belt/Pulley Sizing
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Belt Type
Pitch: Pitch of the timing belt; the distance from one tooth to the next.
Stretch: How much stretch to add to the belt. Polycord (round belt) should be 5-20%, polybelt (flat belt) should be 1-3%. % Crossed? Whether the belt is crossed in a figure-eight or infinity shape, in order to reverse the direction of motion.
Pulley 1 Pulley 2 Calculate By
# Teeth
ODOuter diameter of the pulley / belt. Only valid for 5mm HTD belts currently. Center AddCenter to add. When using 'desired C-C' mode with polybelt, the additional extra is removed from the belt, not added to the center value.
PD Ratio
Belting Option Source: Teeth
Smaller Larger
# of Teeth
P1 Teeth In Mesh
P2 Teeth In Mesh
Strengh calculated as per the
Gates Light Power & Precision Drive Design Manual
Belting Series width
Torque Capacity
Factor of Safety